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If breastfeeding is natural, Why am I struggling to produce milk?

In 2015 I welcomed my son to the world and like any expectant mom, I was looking forward to breastfeeding my newborn. To my disappointment that didn’t work out as I had expected it to. I struggled with low breastmilk supply

In doing my research, I learned that about 30% of women globally struggle with low milk supply. At the time there weren’t a lot of suitable supplements. I had to either drink the natural herbs that didn’t smell or even taste great, buy different ingredients and brew at home to make a tonic that would boost my supply. Or take medication that would have impacted on how I would have nurtured my son due to its side effects.

If you have breastfed and struggled with your milk supply, I bet you will know just how discouraging that is.

Taking my experience and other moms I had spoken to, combined with research, we were able to produce a solution that addresses the low milk supply struggle.

Our product is a tonic that aides the body by enhancing the production of breastmilk. It is a powder solution formulated to be diluted in water that is safe to drink. It is plant based and contains ingredients that have a calming effect on the nerves, helps relieve fatigue and boosts vitality                                          

Lactease Tonic

Creating pleasant breastfeeding experiences with you.

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